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The NDG - (Natal Digital Group) based in the city of Natal/RN, HI24JC Grid location, is an informal group dedicated to amateur radio digital trasmissões. Its purpose is to promote activity and good practice in the use of all digital modes. The Association is free to any amateur, club or SWL (radio-listening). A membership certificate in PDF format, is sent via email to new members. For each associated with amateur radio, is assigned a member of the NDG. Spread the NDG, especially to colleagues interested in digital transmission, which might be interested in joining the NDG,. All credits for the NDG diplomas should be made using the software UltimateAAC ..... Click here to NDG Membership.

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O NDG - (Natal Digital Group) com sede na cidade do Natal/RN, Grid HI24JC, é um grupo informal de radioamadores dedicado a trasmissão digital. Sua finalidade é promover a atividade e as boas práticas no uso de todos os modos digitais. A Associação é livre para qualquer radioamador, clube ou SWL (rádio-escuta). Um certificado de membro, é atribuído ao assoicado do NDG. Divulgue o NDG, especialmente para os colegas interessados na transmissão digital, que possam estar interessados em aderir ao NDG. Todos os créditos para os diplomas do NDG deve ser feita usando o software UltimateAAC ..... Click aqui para ser membro do NDG.

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sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2011

Waterfall "Splatter" & Overdriving

Hi Group et al
I have been monitoring 14070 +/- for the last couple of months and so far have advise no less that 100 stations of excessively overdriving resulting in "SPLATTER". I have also where possible sent by email ( address) a file.jpg of the offending waterfall image. Most around 80% have reacted immediately and adjusted their settings and were subsequently fb signals. Some adjusted later after yet another station advised them of a 591 signal report but unfortunately there was a minority who either because they didnt believe the report or who were simply ignorant of the procedure to reset the parameteres required for a "Splatter" free signal. I have taken it upon myself (G3PGA) to continue this mission in the name of EPC and would like to request that an EPC member in  every country do likewise and not to be shy in coming forward. I use a very polite macro to advise stations and hope that it would enable them to correct any overdriving issues....:-
Please check and reduce your computer audio drive so that your ALC level is at ZERO.
At this moment you are splattering very wide 591 591.
In excess of 500 hz wide causing QRM on a busy band.
Also please check your speech processor is OFF......
I would then if any query follow this with a full script as follows:-
The ability to set up your radio for psk modes comes with experience.
Many stations are finding the PSK modes popular but do not fully understand how to set up the computer and radio for the mode.
I hope the following advice will help..
The important thing to remember is that it is very easy to overdrive the radio with too much audio from the computer sound card causing QRM
and SPLATTER.... I find the following is a good way to start:-
1) Tune your transmitter to say 40 watts output to a good aerial vswr having made sure you have a clear frequency first.
2) Using the soundcard drive sliders ( Volume + Wave ) whilst keying the radio move them up or down to achieve just under the 40 watts
    drive level. Or, use the rotary level control on Signalink types. If you push the drive level over it WILL splatter.
3) Check the ALC meter reading and if its any more that ZERO then reduce the soundcard drive sliders slightly to achieve the ZERO ALC.
    This is very IMPORTANT and is the worst cause of overdriven signals.
4) Make SURE the speech processor is OFF.
5) Double check your interface is OK.
That's all there is to it and you will have a clean signal with NO splatter or excessive sidebands which cause qrm and spoil the mode for others.
I hope this will help you to set up correctly and you enjoy the mode as much as I.
Any query please ask.  TU es 73 <CALL> de <MYCALL> <RXANDCLEAR>
Now if one station in every country acted as I do then the PSK modes would be a lot cleaner.
So, come on guys, volunteer for this action and feel free to use my <MACROS> or modify as needed.
Thanks es vy 73 de Mike G3PGA ( EPC SPLATTERWATCH )

Um comentário:

  1. Mike, I don't know if I agree with this type of policing of signals.

    Although it does happen often, it's almost impossible to tell if their signal is being over-driven from YOUR end unless better tests than viewing the waterfall are conducted.

    I sometimes send a screen-shot, announcing it's only to show them what I see from my QTH.

    The ham 5 kilometers away might receive the "offender's" signal with zero splatter, even if it wipes out my screen.

    Radio waves are funny that way.

    f, k2ncc